10年前意識畫廊從澳洲邀請甫得澳洲Wilson視覺藝術大獎-最佳推薦獎及澳洲雪梨新南威爾士州美術館/溫尼獎(Wynne Prize) 的藝術家王筱雯 Annie Hsiao-Wen WANG 回台個展 ,從 2013年「源」、2014年「夢」  2015年「覓」、2017「靜謐的樂章」一直到2018「緣起。性空」,是她從澳洲回到出生地台灣,內在生命的轉化形塑於作品的呈現。Annie 除了平面創作也是作家,2本英文著作”THE GOLDEN KHAH” ”THE IMPERIAL ALCHEMIST”,登上亞馬遜暢銷排行榜,獲得極大迴響。Annie除了創作,對於海洋環境保護也非常關注,並且身體力行,和其英國籍夫婿Mark 從2016年旅居泰國時開始發起大型淨灘活動,為期2年接著回到台灣居住6年從無間斷過。意識畫廊爲能展出如此的藝術家並與之同行十年感到無比榮幸與驕傲。


『光體 Luminaries 』是Annie歷經四年籌備的展覽,作品的靈感來自其對海洋的熱愛以及這六年住在她的原生島嶼-台灣的經歷與探索,其中對於深海神秘的發光體尤為深深著迷,親手以銅線編織形塑成立體雕塑,並於作品細密的著上美麗的色光,現場展出9件作品代表九種深海生物,以她們的故事一一的介紹出場,有 “ Medusa / 水母”,Sea Angel / 海天使,Comb Jelly (1) / 海胡桃(1),Dragonfish / 龍魚,Bubble Coral / 泡泡珊瑚,Dumpling Squid / 短尾柔魚等。其中龍魚身長達360公分,是現場最長的作品,身形悠遊、輕盈、自在。

Annie 期望藉由此次展出,能喚醒人們對於海洋生態保護的重視。特別發起本次展覽百分之十的收益將捐贈至傳奇海洋學家席薇亞 厄爾博士所領導的海洋保育組織“藍色任務”。藍色任務旨在建立對物種保護具有重要生態意識的全球海洋保護區及全球網路,「去保護並修復海洋;地球的藍色心臟」。

10 years ago, Yesart Gallery invited Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang, an award-winning artist who had just won the Wilson Visual Art Award – Highly Commended Award and Wynne Prize (Art Gallery of NSW)-Finalist in Sydney, Australia to return to Taiwan for a Solo Exhibition. From 2013 ”Origin”, 2014 “Somnium”, 2015 ”Seek”, 2017 “Silent Songs” until 2018 ”From Whence I Came”, she returned to Taiwan, where she was born, and the transformation of her inner life was shaped by the presentation of her works. In addition to graphic creation, Annie is also a writer, two books, “THE GOLDEN KHAH” ”THE IMPERIAL ALCHEMIST”, have been on the Amazon bestseller list and have received great responses. Except her creations, Annie is also concerned about marine environmental protection, and practices what she preaches. She and her British husband Mark started broad-scale beach cleaning activities for two years when they lived in Thailand in 2016. Yesart Gallery is extremely honored and proud to exhibit and travel with such a brilliant artist for ten years. 


“Luminaries”,  an exhibition has been 4 years in the making. The inspiration for her works comes from her deep love for the ocean, and informed by the past 6 years of living and discovering her ancestral island home, Taiwan, especially obsessed with the mysterious luminous bodies in the deep sea. Sculptures were woven with copper wire by hand, and were painted with beautiful colors. There were 9 works on display, representing 9 deep-sea creatures. Annie introduced their stories one by one, including “Medusa”, “Sea Angle”, “Comb Jelly”, “Dragonfish”, “Bubble Coral”, “Dumpling Squid”, Among them, the Dragonfish has a body length of 360cm, which is the longest work on the scene. Annie expect that the exhibition will awaken people’s attention to marine ecological protection.

10% of proceeds from the this exhibition will be donated to Mission blue, and organization led by the legendary oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle. Mission Blue’s gaol is to create awareness and a global network of marine protected areas, “to save and restore the ocean, the. Blue heart of the planet”.

Mission Blue org/  https://mission-blue.org/

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