Bubble Coral 泡泡珊瑚

108x73x60cm, 2022


NT. 420,000


The bubble coral has large fleshy polys  that inflate during the day for photosynthesis, and deflate at night to put tentacles out to feed. Often mistaken as plants, corals are in fact animals with plant-like cells living in their tissues. Corals build the largest living structures on Earth, and these reefs are so big, they are visible from outer space. With their tiny, tentacle-like arms, they capture planktons and even small fish for food. Coral reefs are vital to the health of the ocean and support 25% of ocean life, acting like an underwater forest by providing habitat for a huge, biodiverse community of ocean life. Today, climate change is the biggest threat to corals, with warming waters causing mass coral bleaching and eventual death of these extremely slow-growing animals. Over the last 50 years, 50% of our coral reefs have disappeared.


泡泡珊瑚有大型的肉質聚合物,白天膨脹以進行光合作用,晚上釋出氣體以伸出觸手進食。 珊瑚經常被誤認為是植物,事實上,珊瑚是一種組織裡有著類植物細胞的動物。 珊瑚建造了地球上最大的生物結構,這些珊瑚礁非常大,從外太空都可以看到。 它們用類似觸手的細小手臂捕捉浮游生物甚至小魚作為食物。 珊瑚礁對海洋的健康至關重要,並保護 25% 的海洋生物,就像水下森林一樣,為龐大的海洋生物群落提供棲息地以保持生物多樣性。 今天,氣候變遷是對珊瑚的最大威脅,海水溫度升高導致珊瑚大量白化,最終導致這些生長極其緩慢的動物死亡。 在過去的 50 年裡,50%的珊瑚礁已經消失。